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Joona toivanen trio - numurkah

fn: name: title: label: price: comment : h3fk: nubiska natter- orjan hulten/ mats karlsson/ nassim al fakir 2008: caprice: £: cap21797: iro

...Toivanen now has a voice so utterly distinctive that anyone who has hear him before will recognise him from the opening phrases. It takes some artistic decades to acquire that confident of a signature.
Brian Morton

The Joona Toivanen Trio plays contemporary, intelligent, versatile, and above all lyrical jazz. They have a skilful grip on the art of improvisation and know how to deliver a great mix of original compositions with superb musicianship. They do so at times with a melancholic Nordic vibe and often an air of gladness and joy touches is laced through their material. The music of Joona Toivanen trio is considered lyrical and elegant but equally strongly individual and daring and has… read more

Joona Toivanen Trio - NumurkahJoona Toivanen Trio - NumurkahJoona Toivanen Trio - NumurkahJoona Toivanen Trio - Numurkah