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Dennis brown - little green apple

The Woodlands Course at Tapawingo National provided lots of drama for the Week 19 Position Round. First, for the key results of the night and the crowning of the second half champions.  G & G …

The theme of this article concerns the regimen I go through before I perform each concert. Actually I had to make stuff up considering what I do is virtually nothing. That's me considering the playlist minutes before going on stage, (hmm should we play Don't Stop Believin or Plexiglass Toilette tonight) me adjusting Suzanne's wireless pack, ( yeah sure I am) me and the band warming up vocally, me and Jean Ravel adjusting Windsor knots and finally me singing in the shower at the hotel. Normally I do this without stage clothes but this is after all a family newspaper.

The original pic taken in the shower was hysterical but I was counseled against using it because it really represents my inner Jerry Lewis which perhaps is too silly for a "rock star."

Rock star? I may post it anyway. Thanks for all the good wishes for Christmas I read them while watching It's a Wonderful Life.
cheers, dennis

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Dennis Brown - Little Green AppleDennis Brown - Little Green AppleDennis Brown - Little Green AppleDennis Brown - Little Green Apple